Oze from Uonma

Advantages going from Uonuma
Advantages going from Uonuma

TThe Oze route which goes from Uonuma city gives you a lot of wonderful nature. You are able to enjoy not only the nature of Oze but also the nature of Uonuma. The route from Uonuma city is easy to go Oze. Beginner of trekkers is also recommended to go there from Uonuma city.

We have many Nature Guides who are expert of nature. They take you to Oze with giving you much information about nature of Oze and Uonuma. The route from Uonuma has many changes of landscape. You can enjoy the 19 tunnels, embarkation of ship in the mountains, viewing the ocean of trees; those can never be experienced from other route.

The course from Uonuma city, there is few height differences and even to make a day trip is not unreasonable. Even the side of beginner can readily enjoy Oze.

Oze from Uonuma City by Car

from Shiori passYour car shall get out at Koide interchange of Kanetsu highway and goes to Route 352. You can go to Takanosu through either Okutadami Silver Line which has a lot of tunnels or Shiori pass which gives you wonderful landscape. From there, further drive up to Miike Parking lot which is the last place ordinary car can drive to. From here, you take a public bus and going to Numayamatoge.
From there to Oze, it will take about 50 minutes on foot. You can enjoy the nature on the way to Oze.

Oze from Uonuma city with Okutadami Nature Guide

The nature guides are expert for nature hikes or climb mountains.
They introduce many view spots of Uonuma and Oze depending on the seasons.

Uonuma city is surrounded by Mt. Komagatake which is one of the famous mountains, Mt. Sumondake, Mt. Asakusadake, Mt. Hiragatake, and Mt. Gongendo and so on. It also has three long rivers such as River Uono, River Sanashi, and River Aburuma. Those rivers are also famous for Ayu fishing too.