Jyouetsu Shinkansen(Super Express)

Get off the Jyouetsu Shinkansen at Urasa station.
If you have a reservation of Oze tour which goes with nature guide, reserved bus is waiting for you at Urasa station.
The bus bounds for Okutadami dam via Okutadami Silver Line.
You will have about 40 minutes ship tour from Okutadami ship terminal and the ship reaches to Ozeguti.
Then, you have reservation bus which take you to Numayama pass.
From there, you take a walk for about 50 minutes and reaches to lake Oze.

Down train time table(Tokyo to Niigata)
Down train time table for Jyouetsu Shinkansen bounds for Niigata

Up train time table(Niigata to Tokyo)
Up train time table for Jyoetsu Shinkansen super express bounds for Tokyo

Approximate time required

Tokyo station ⇔ Urasa station (Jyoetsu Shinkansen) ・・・ Aprox. 90minutes
Niigata station ⇔ Urasa station (Jyoetsu Shinkansen) ・・・ Approx. 40minutes