Useful information
Useful information

Flowers in Oze

Useful information

Good seasons for flowers
Ozegahara highland has a lot of alpine plants in vast wetland. Oze has more than 100 kinds of rare alpine plants. The blooming seasons are different among them and they welcome tourists with flower blooming.

From end of May to beginning of June
-- > Mizubasyou(Japanese skunk cabbage) flowers

From mid of June to beginning of July -- > Watasuge flowers

From beginning of July to end of July -- > Nikkoukisuge(orange-yellow day lilies) flowers

Autumn leaves
Oze field is becoming golden color from mid of September to beginning of October. This is called autumn leaves of plants.

On the other hand, change leaves of trees are becoming red and yellow from end of September to mid of October. The color of broadleaf trees makes special beauty of mountains and the landscape is beyond words.

Alpine lodge
Up to recent years, the reservation of alpine lodge had been crowded. But private room reservation can be possible in these years except busy season. Why don't you try to make a reservation for private room?

Alpine lodges are operating from mid of May to end of October. For further information, please contact to each lodge.
To stay in alpine lodge needs to make reservation in advance. Please be note.

Toden area
Toden lodge    0278-58-7312  

Yamanohana area
Oze lodge   0278-58-4158
Shibutsusanso   0278-58-7311
Yamanohana lodge   0278-58-7411
Visitors center   027-220-4431

Miharashi area
Hiuti lodge 090-1062-1395 0241-75-2059
Harano lodge 090-8921-8314 0241-75-2038
Oze lodge 090-8921-8342 0241-75-2225
Yoshirou lodge       027-221-4122
Miharashi Yaeijyou 090-1062-1395 0241-75-2059 The reservation made by Hiuti lodge.
Hinoemata lodge   0278-58-7050
Second Chozou lodge   0278-58-7100

Hot Spring area
Hot spring lodge 090-8921-8329 0241-75-2222
Motoyu Sansou   0278-58-7311
Hot Spring rest house
  0241-75-2011 Souvenir, beverages, keeping baggage are avalable.