About Oze
About Oze

Landscape from Numayama pass


Area of Oze
Oze becomes a part of Niigata Pref., Gunma Pref. and Fukushima Pref.

Though the route from Gunma prefecture is famous, the route from Uonuma city has recently been reviewed as changeful of nature. The route including shipping route has different from ordinal trekking. The story about village which sank in the lake Okutadami or the story of remaining their shrine in the lake or other stories can be heard in the ship. By listening the stories, the ship will soon reaches the Ozeguti terminal.

Major route to OzeF
Uonuma city --> Ozeguti terminal --> Miike --> Numayama pass --> Oze
Uonuma city --> Tadami --> Hinoemata --> Miike --> Numayama pass --> Oze
Minakami city --> Hatomati pass --> Oze
Numata city --> Tokura --> Fujimishita --> Oze
Numata city --> Tokura --> Oshimizu --> Oze

What is Oze.
Oze has biggest wetland Ozegahara(east to west 6 Km, the max width is 2Km) in Honshu island in Japan. Hiutigatake raised to center and lead to Mt. Shibutu through Oze wetland.
Oze is the place which attracts the specialist of mountain climbing and also ordinal people too. There are 2,000 m class mountains such Mt. Hiutigatake and Mt. Shibutsu and many kinds of alpine plants, beech forests, big waterfalls. Oze has all goodness of mountains in one place.

We recommend to visit Oze with two days or more days trip to enjoy nature deeply. Oze provides wooden road which save Oze nature from tourist and the total length of the road is 60Km.