Going Oze

Going to Oze from Uonuma, ...Why we recommend you to visit Oze from Uonuma City.

August 30th, Oze area became an independent National Park. For the memory of National Park, many events have been held in relative prefectures.

Uonuma city is only the gateway to Oze from Niigata prefecture. Uonuma Regional Promotion Bureau, Uonuma city and local promotion groups have held special events to promote visitors of Uonuma and let them know that Uonuma city is able to visit Oze directly and landscapes are incredible.
Local hotels or Inns in Yunotani Hot Spring sites provide special accommodation plans to welcome visitors.

The special offer period is from Sept. 1st to Oct. 10th.
For further information, please contact Uonuma City Tourist Association
(Tel:(025)792-7300 or (025)792-7535).

Call for Uonuma Nature Guides

Is it sufficient in traveling which walks Oze?
Would you like to enjoy view of nature sufficiently on the way to Oze?

* If you'd like to enjoy the change of view,...
* If you'd like to draw nature,...
* If you desire perfect shutter chance,...
* If you are interested in flowers, grasses and trees, ...
* If you'd like to have amazing nature, ...

We do recmmend to visit Oze from Uonuma city.
You have nothing to worry about the route.
We are ready to help you.
Uonuma City Tourist Association has many Nature Guides.
Uonuma and Oze will be best season to enjoy change leaves.
Don't miss it please!

Change leaves
Uonuma and Oze

Since Oct. 3, 2007